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Woman is ranked in the top 5 percent of the worlds most popular womens websites.

I have also written hundreds of articles and advice columns on how to expose a cheater, avoid abusive men and how to heal from abuse. If your husband or boyfriend is spending too much time on the Internet and your relationship is suffering, he may be one of the 1 in 4 men cheating on dating websites.Feared by men, and acclaimed as a lifesaver by women worldwide, Ms.Alexander reveals the answers to these important questions in her new book Sex, Lies and the Internet, through heroic stories and lessons learned from hundreds of women who survived abuse to build happy and long lasting relationships.Together they can vent, cry, then laugh again, allowing them the power to heal. Like many of you, I too, have been abused, cheated on and lied to.Her website has spawned a global network of hundreds of women who volunteer their time and energy to support other women. Thats why I decided to dedicate years of my life to helping other women break out of the cycle of abuse. Women will now be able to make BETTER, SAFER and MORE INFORMED decisions regarding the men in their lives.

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The internet can be the most dangerous place to unintentionally expose yourself to dangerous men who target, stalk, and abuse unsuspecting women, especially women who are hopeful, and emotionally vulnerable.

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