Black dating romancesucks com

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Black dating romancesucks com

Black levels are appropriately deep, but several interior shots exhibit subpar contrast resulting in a loss of shadow detail in the darker portions of the screen.

In the end, the characters are simply not convincing enough to carry the romantic underpinnings of their relationship, and it makes the film as a whole seem a little too contrived.Considering Gray and Grady were together for over six years and planned to move on to a new chapter of their lives by getting married, it's asking a lot of the viewer to buy into Gray's sudden interest in Grady's promiscuous best friend.Everyone handles mourning in a different way, and that's likely the point the film is attempting to make when Gray and Fritz become romantically involved, but I find it hard to believe either person would view the situation as a good idea.Overall, the transfer is a fine example of how far the Blu-ray format has come since it's inception.It still holds up well next to the average high-definition release, but pales in comparison to the best offerings the format has to offer.

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Her only source of comfort is found in Grady's three best friends, Fritz (Timothy Olyphant), Dennis (Sam Jaeger) and Sam (Kevin Smith), who each deal with the tragic loss in different ways.