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Nats Cats33: Nice try Meghan he just sent a message. She was stuck with an old single bed, and I now had so much more space to sleep! That night, to 'celebrate', Meghan agreed to watch a scary movie with me.

She was thrilled at the idea, and I thought she had gotten the short end of the stick.

My name is Natalie, and I have a twin sister named Meghan. “I wouldn't be surprised if I have nightmares tonight,” I said, and we both laughed a little, our nerve returning.

I also have an older sister, but I won’t mention her name as this is not a story which concerns her. We finally gathered enough courage to leave the room and go to bed.

Cool, I thought, someone next door must have a DS as well, and I can talk to them! I’d always wanted to be able to talk to a new person on Pictochat, because it was only ever Meghan and I who would talk. I told her not to lie to me, and she suddenly got really defensive. I’m not an idiot, I just wanted to know, and you had to turn it into a fight,” I said, turning to walk out of her room. Not once.” I left the room with a sigh, assuming she was trying to scare me. I had decided that on Pictochat that night, I was going to congratulate her on her acting performance, but tell her I had had enough of her game, and that I wanted my normal sister back.

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But the longer we stayed away from each other, the lonelier we became.

We would've walked into each other's rooms and struck up a conversation any time, considering the rooms were right next to each other, but I guess neither of us really wanted to admit that we were having second thoughts about our new rooms.

She then showed me her screen where none of ‘Dt Dt Dj UD3’s messages had showed up. Another message: Dt Dt Dj UD3: Don’t you think so too? Meghan was missing her single bed, so I offered to swap her double bed into my room, and she could take the single bed out.

I showed her the screen where our messages had appeared and she stared wide-eyed at my screen. I heard a familiar ‘ping’ and looked down to check my screen. No more unusual things had been happening, and so life went on as normal.

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It was really fun, and you could write just about anything you wanted without fear of it being recorded or traced, as the conversation would delete itself as soon as you left.

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