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It is a game anyone can play and anyone can get something out of, no matter how skilled or imaginative they are.

They will make something and they will have an experience that feels like theirs and theirs alone.

How would you review Tetris, if you were reviewing it today?

"The puzzling is very tight, and the soundtrack is catchy." That's the thing - Tetris is so much more than that by now, but it's almost impossible to disassociate it from its cultural resonance.

Similarly undercooked, if clearly ambitious, is the pursuit of a climactic boss battle by attaining the rarest substances and building portals to the game's two additional dimensions: an underground hell realm and its ethereal inversion, The End.

Harder fights, yet more uncommon materials and, eventually, a bloody great dragon await you here.

It is the brightest example of an indie success story you could name, having never been near a publisher or even an investor.

Identifying quite where the game stops and where its online legend begins is a tall order. It's been in alpha then beta for a couple of years now, with any and everyone who coughed up the eminently reasonable sum of first 10 and later 14 granted immediate access to the latest build and all future updates. Back to basics: here's what Minecraft, the game, really is.

Minecraft, the free-form building and survival game, hasn't yet seeped into the global consciousness to the same degree, but it has become something far more than a mere game.

It is one that over four million people have already paid for and played.

The last two of years of public-eye development also make for a vital and joyous lesson for modern gaming itself: go your own way, listen to your players, celebrate what human beings can do rather than what you can make them do.

Minecraft might be inseparable from its own fame by this point, but one thing's for sure - it deserves every bit of it.

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