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The Pareto Principle, courtesy of Vilfredo Pareto, an economist in the early 1900s states The 80/20 Rule means that in any set of things (workers, customers, etc.) a few (20 percent) are vital and many (80 percent) are considered trivial.

It’s well known by Project Managers that 20 percent of work (usually the first 10 percent and the last 10 percent) consume eighty-percent of the time and resources. There’s an ocean of new business out there this year! Mark Magnacca is one of my all-time favorite best-selling authors in the financial services and sales industries.One of the key points he’s made in his books and seminars, is the importance of fishing where the fish are.Are you “partnering” with your better clients and contacts?I know we are all told to work hard ~ but learning how to work smarter makes our efforts so much more rewarding!

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That strategy worked fine but a personal introduction to a referral works so much better.

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