3808 online dating secret worth pdf what indicates that two are dating

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3808 online dating secret worth pdf

I am attempting to report the company to Facebook and will complain to the Better Business Bureau. Tried to EMAIL but could not find the space to type.

I wanted gardening with no soil/dirt and got another book.

I made it through without buying anything else but it takes careful reading of every word.

The 'book' seems to be a compilation of verbatim texts found in many places on the internet, nothing 'secret' about it. As for shipping, it's sent by media mail which the USPS website clearly shows a book of pounds shipping for under .50. One can find more info on gardening from seed companies online.

I am [email protected] number 727`744`2740 Gardening with out soil or dirt is the book I wanted,,,,, Humans were around a long time before Big Doctor and Big Pharma.

That was possible because there were/are alternative methods of treating issues.

I don't think hard copies of the other books even exist, and "Secret Garden" isn't worth the paper it's printed on. I sent the company a complaint: 'This is a joke right? One would hope for first class shipping, but no, it's sent Media Mail, which costs exactly .66 for the first pound and .17 for a 2-pound book as anyone can see on the USPS website. Who would imagine that you would create such hype and mislead people in this manner without yourselves examining the book and listening to your customer complaints?

This book has so much abject plagiarism in it that I am surprised it found a publisher. To say I am disappointed is an understatement and I will try to alert the Facebook community where I found this "amazing offer" to the facts. All of them are likewise free for the searching online.

That being said, much like this website, most of these providers will also ask that you clear alternative treatment with your current doctor before engaging in new treatments and therapies.One can take just about any sentence and do a web search to find that sentence verbatim online There is truly nothing in it that merits it being titled "Secret Garden". I cannot imagine why your company chose to foist this on the social community.Your checkout method is another bad example of business ethics in my opinion.If I wanted conventional medical advice and a sackful of pills and side-effects, I'd be seeking that instead of looking for other methods. BTW, I also have an alternative doctor for more unconventional treatment that my "regular" doctor prescribes.“ This just shows you, ANYONE can achieve greatness if you stick with it.

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The unwary and careless shopper winds up owing mega-dollars for unwanted books unless they read carefully and quickly.

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