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' I saw the charts before he tore them up, and they were nothing but junk." (Shapiro did not comment on Bailey's remarks.) After leading police on a 50-mile chase that traversed multiple L. freeways, Simpson surrendered at his home and was taken into custody on June 17, 1994.

He remained jailed without bail for the duration of the trial. County auditor's office, the case cost the city about 0,000 a month.

Simpson denied owning a pair and said later in a deposition for the civil trial that he'd never wear "those ugly ass shoes," but photos were dug up much later showing him wearing the brand on two separate occasions."He was very nice," Sam Poser, an associate buyer at Bloomingdale's for men's shoes who testified about showing a pair of Lorenzos to Simpson but couldn't remember if the football star actually bought them, told Footwear News in 2016.

Unfortunately, Mark Fuhrman, the detective who first spotted a blood-spattered glove outside Simpson's estate at 360 Rockingham Avenue that looked like one found near the bodies, had a history of using racist language and had boasted about beating up suspects. And so, in the end, Simpson was found not guilty of murder. Simpson met Nicole Brown in 1977 and divorced his first wife, Marguerite, in 1979. 2, 1985; Sydney was born eight months later, and Justin was born in 1988."You guys never do anything," Nicole told police when they were called to the Rockingham house in the early morning hours of Jan. On May 24, 1989, Simpson was sentenced to 24 months of probation, ordered to perform 120 hours of community service and pay fines totaling 0, and was told to attend counseling twice a week (he was allowed to do it by phone) after pleading no contest to misdemeanor domestic violence. agreeing to pay her a lump sum of 3,750, plus ,000 a month in child support, and she retained the title of a rental property. You're not going to have a dime left bitch' etc."She called a battered women's shelter in Santa Monica on June 7, 1994, to lament that her ex was stalking her.

On June 12 it will be 25 years since Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman were murdered outside her front door while her children slept upstairs, a sickening crime that led to one of the defining cultural happenings of the late 20th century: People of the State of California v. Moreover, Clark instructed the grand jury to dismiss Shively's testimony, saying she couldn't in good conscience have them consider information she didn't have full faith in.

J., in his white Bronco, speeding down Bundy shortly after on the night of the murders, on the stand.

Brian "Kato" Kaelin, an aspiring actor who was staying in Simpson's guest house at Rockingham, initially moved into Nicole's guest house in January 1993, about a month after meeting her in Aspen. and Nicole were trying to reconcile, he said Simpson told him. He and Simpson went to Mc Donald's and got back at about , Kaelin remembered.

He planned on moving into the Bundy condo to help take care of the kids, he testified, but moved onto Simpson's property instead—at the star's insistence because Simpson didn't want Kaelin hanging around his ex-wife so much. Then, at around p.m., he heard three loud thumps against his wall. flight the next day.)"I had a radio show and there would be constant death threats to me," Kaelin later said on OWN's "There'd be faxes [saying] 'Kato should be killed.' I can tell you times where I'd be driving my car where people would pull up next to me and would threaten to fight.

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